Monday, September 21, 2015

Villanova 2015-16 Preview

Many details about the site from this previous season have gone underaddressed by me. My house was vandalized by hungry paparazzi, eating my privacy like tarantulas feasting on a fruit F'ING fly.

One of those details is that, yeah, my bracket got busted.

I had Villanova going on to win the Golden Fleece in last year's tournament, but after an upset that left NC State's version of Dikembe Mutombo convulsing on the ground while swaddling his victory game ball, I saw it as more than an upset.

This game made me free fall through complete darkness - a slumber that left my personal life in disarray. I thought it couldn't happen two years in a row to the Golden Boys from 'Nova, but yet again, they were defeated by an unruly team of mad hatters and gadflies.

Returning starter Ryan Arcticuno will use snow over and over to his advantage, just like last year. BLIZZARD, ICY WIND, ICE BEAM, DRY FREEZE.

This Villanova team shoots a lot of threes. They settle for the 3. Settle for less like they always do and call it being content.

"It seems like a good shot to me!!" - delusional Jay Wright

We will know for sure when the 'Cats play St. Joes on December 1, and we will see how they handle DeAndre Bembry. Will someone guard him before he strikes and sends the university curriculum spiraling into chaos?

I have a new theory that you need more tall guys to win in Bball. Yet again Villanova is rather small & unable to reach the knob to unlock the Final Four Door. Sorry but it's just the truth.