Sunday, January 28, 2007


These teams have failed to meet my expectations throughout this year. I have made a list of bust-teams, with their (pre-season ranks) in parenthesees.

Kansas (1) - Still a top 10 team but not dominant like I thought they'd be.

LSU (8) - At 2-3 in the SEC, the Tigers have already lost more conference games than all of last year.

Boston College (11) - Well, they're not busts in the ACC just yet, but it might get ugly fast. With the loss of Sean Williams mid-season, the team thats lost to the likes of Duquesne and Vermont only loses the best shot-blocker in the nation and a much-needed presence down low. Now their depth is depleted. Barring heroic efforts from Dudley, Marshall, and Rice every night, Boston College could fall to the lowly level of teams like Wake Forest.

Syracuse (13) - In a mediocre Big East, the Orange have done little to stand-out from the crowd.

UCONN (17) - They're just not ready. They rose early in the season, and steadily got ranked lower and lower through their first Big East games. They need a leader. I don't think Adrien can adjust so easily from filler player to superstud, either.

Creighton (20) - Well, they're one of the better teams in the MVC but a rank this high goes to a team who dominates their mid-major conference.

Michigan (29) - Senior leadership bring them to upper-class NIT mediocrity once again.

San Diego State (30) - This team is just too talented to be lost in the middle of the MWC.

Hofstra (37) - Everyone was excited about their backcourt, and putting them in their top 25's as a clearly-deserving and determined team. They were mediocre in non-conference play, and though they are excelling in conference play, they're still in 2nd place.

Charlotte (46) - I thought this team would be able to hang with everyone, but they have trouble hanging with anyone

Penn State (51) - One of the worst in the Big 10

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