Thursday, October 16, 2014

All is quiet on the western front...

 Born anew, in the eye of my life's hurricane, so gently in a basketball. So quiet and calm....

One must wonder: Will college hoops even happen this year?

The deafening silence. The calm before the weather storm (and the unbelievable gale force twisters that are to follow!!!). A cyclone of this magnitude can't be good, take shelter. Lock your windows and your doors, board up your hoops cabin shack. Protect that big screen TV!

Spill beer on the cable broadcasting console, o networks. Save us from the breathtaking drama of another college hoops season. My heart can't take it!

I still care I must admit

I know that if we ever break up
I know you'll never make up
And I'm sorry, so sorry

But my heart can't take it no more

Half the times you lied
You know how many times I cried
Lonely tears, it brought me misery

Maybe one day you'll realize
Just how I really tried
Darling to make you happy

I gave my heart
You only took it and destroyed it
And now you say it's me you love

Yet you cheated and deceived me
And now you say you want to keep me
And I'm sorry, so sorry

 In the mere cyclone of a month, the basketballs will dribble down from the skies, there ain't no stopping me now. College Freakin Hoops, 2015, let's do this.

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