Friday, October 28, 2011

2012 Purdue Team Preview

Purdue is liable to fall on some hard times here in 2012, after enjoying the fruitful splendor of last year's veteran leadership under tortuous conditions. Please read more.

Just try to visualize Gene Keady, Boilers. Imagine him mumbling some incoherent (immortal) words of wisdom to rally the troops, and your outlook of the Boilermakers' season will be just as positive as mine. Please keep reading.

Robbie Hummel is sure to bring his swollen ACL and attempt to bail out Purdue basketball as if it were some sort of Swiss bank.

I see Purdue finishing near the middle of the pack in a mediocre Big Ten. They will shed their talent cones mid-year, like the truly coniferous bunch they are.


Anonymous said...

Crappy analysis, crappy blog, and I am going to go out on a limb and assume that you have a pretty crappy life.

College Freakin Hoops said...

Anonymous, I recognize your name -- you've posted on my blog before! Welcome back and thanks for your input. I shall change my ways. Maybe Purdue will win it all after all.

Anonymous said...

I've read this over and over and I don't get a hell of what you saying just get off the web

CFH sucks said...

What an idiot you are. Completely worthless non-information. Don't waste our time jackass.

Andy said...

Wow I could have written this. I think my 2 year old could have written this. Crap

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of lame haters. Where's the humor in your raisin-brand life? Also, if your 2 year old can write words like torturous, incoherent and conifer, you may want to consider entering him/her into the 'world's most intelligent baby born of (hopefully) average-intelligence' contest. I do believe you are a sure-win.

CFH do you. Thanks.