Monday, October 17, 2011

Indiana Hoosiers - 2011-12 Team Preview

THE REVOLUTION BEGINS - 2012 INDIANA HOOSIERS. Tom Crean and his youthful cast of white men stain the yellow tinted underarms of the Big Ten this year, with far more experience than last year. Fans will ask "Is this the same team that was in an unjust war with Bethune Cookman?" "Are these those same Hoosiers that threatened action against MSU?" "BRING OUR HOOSIERS HOME!"

Imagine these hick white men riding a slick luge to the state championship. Congratulations, I think you have built the DAMNDEST visual image that you ever did see. BRING US OUR CHAMPIONSHIP TOM CREAN.

"We're tired coach!"
Words that are SHUNNED BY TOM CREAN!
One player was cut pretty badly. Tom Crean simply shook his head, paced slowly to the bench, and applied a non-approved medical SQUEEGEE to the gash! The gash was infested.
Tom Crean doesn't host "practice", he hosts an utter warzone.

Thanks for bringing the Hoosiers back to Indiana, Tom Crean!

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