Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DUKE VS MICHIGAN 2011 Preview Prediction November 22 -- Words from a prophet

    The Curry Brothers will bring the poisoned chalice and the Plumlee Brothers will act as the penetrating vessel, declaring war on Michigan's deployed hoops troops. Michigan will launch an utterly soulless three point barrage on the Blue Devils, bombing their civilians into a death with dignity.

    With only 1:01 remaining, Tim Hardaway Jr will place a small polyethylene tube into Duke's stomach via an autobiographically acrobatic 3 point play. This will put the Wolverines up by 7, accentuating the victory crease and becoming the hole in the donut that Duke cannot climb out of. Coach K was seen twirling his baton, ready to physically beat his players back into shape for their showdown with Ohio State.

BOOK IT: Michigan 74-70

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