Monday, November 07, 2011

Miami FL preview

HARK! A new coach emergeth from the swamps this semester. His name is JIM LARRARANARANAGA. You may remember him from feverish tournament runs, and for his infamously bad case of the runs last fall. A master of bowel movements in his own right, Larranaga has the Miami Hurricanes poised to finish 3rd in the ACC -- "F*** The Hatas." Let me explain.

Reggie Johnson is the single best big man in the ACC. I envision him camping in the lane like a stagnant peachtree, gobbling up rebounds. All the while, he is shooting folky / folklore-ish percentages from the field. Neil Young is working on a folk song about the monster season he is about to have already.

Miami's problem last year was turnovers -- both committing too many and not forcing enough. They are sure to recycle their opponents this season, though, as Larranaga is a kleptomaniac in his own right. Miami will launch into liberty this season, and should easily cruise to a national championship.

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