Friday, November 11, 2011

Michigan State Preview 2011-2012

     The biggest event in Midnight Madness history turn sour as head basketball coach for the Michigan State Spartans, Tom Izzo contracted rabies from a wild moon wolverine. Everything was wired in via skype. Coach was being broadcasted to the entire world while on the moon enjoying the scenery. Moon rock after moon rock was there to greet him. Then a rare species we can't yet study was spotted ripping into the now comatose head coach. He eventually made it back to earth but how alive he is, is yet to be seen. This puts a damper on what already looked like a gloomy season for the Spartans who almost missed the tournament last season.

     Kalin Lucas has taken over as interim head coach. A wounded man coaching a wounded team. Don't look down too much on the Spartans this season they still have a first rate journalist in Draymond Green as he displayed for ESPN last season. So watch out for the Spartans this year! They should be a wounded animal this season and as we all know wounded animals are sometimes the most dangerous kind! Ask that wolverine about being wounded he was on the freakin' moon.

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