Sunday, November 13, 2011

Providence at Fairfield College Basketball Preview November 14th, 2011

Providence coach Ed Cooley returns to his old nesting grounds, as he spent five years laying eggs as head coach of Fairfield. The success of his donkey basketball program leadership at Fairfield may come back to haunt him, as the untapped talent of his recruiting successes will gush forth as the leakiest wildcat 0il rigs. My sweet goodness. 

These Friars are far inferior to their homeland teams in the Big East. The expectation levels are at a five-year low this season, but Coach Cooley will likely change this future in the face of poverty.However, look for Fairfield to weasel their way to iron weasel status by pulling UPSET OF THE WEEK!

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Anonymous said...

upset of the weak? spreads have fairfield favored by 7.5