Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Revue November 18-20 College Basketball Scores, Results, Tounament Projections

Alabama's unmatched strength in their abominable tournament performance leads me to believe they will be sipping on March's wine. Look for these unforgettable hillbillies to make a deep, nutritious run into the tournament.

Cincinnati suffered an embarrassing loss at home at the hands of a team of ordained Presbyterian ministers, 56-54. Projections pointed at a Cincinnati win (70-53 (95%)), and this embarrassing double loss will put Cincy into the "wasted talent" equation, and may indeed count as more than one loss on their final record.

Oregon State looks like a well-financed machine and a formidable postseason opponent with a win over Texas on Friday. The Beavers may dam their damn way into the cozy foundation of springtime.

Saint Louis is living up to the Hype Cycle projections, beating a decent Washington team by double figures. Rick Majerus is finally passing the wind of victory through his digestive tract and into the Billikens. This vital fart will have them playing for the Golden Fleece in March.

Finally, LSU looks like the sleeper Manchurian candidate to have a very good year. They beat a ripe, deranged, and underrated Georgia Tech squad by 9. Their seemingly endless experiments with trailer park players finally seem to be coming to fruition. They will be in my new edition of the ABUDANZA 68.

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